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About Us

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Established in 1996,LUXU is a world-class crystal whiskey glasses producer committed to provide the best products and service to all the alcohol lovers.

Inspired from all kinds of glasses in Tokyo,Thailand and Germany,our glasses is designed to cater everyone.The size,height and width of our glasses are in perfect balance to give you a stylish classic feeling and maximize your enjoyment.

We use the finest materials to create an elegant&durable artwork to you,bringing the best experience to our users.Just enjoy every wonderful moment and feel the crisp sounds when toasting with friends.Making every glasses special for you is our ultimate goal.Cheers!

Pursue excellent quality and enjoy wonderful life


● Please clean the the glassware by vinegar or lemon juice before use

● To avoid the damage of the surface of the glassware, please wipe it gently with soft and smooth cloth instead of hard stuff.

● Please clean the glassware by mild detergent or suds with warm water when there are some fingerprints and  oil left on the surface of the glassware

● After cleaning, put glassware on the shelf and let it air dry

● Please don not suddenly put the glassware into extraordinary hot and cold water to avoid being cracked. Additionally, please do not put heavy stuff on top of it, please avoid touching those corrosive substances such as strong base and strong acid